San Leandro Smiles

Practice Limited to Orthodontics for Adults and Children


"Glad to finally have my braces off! I've been Smiling ever since!"



"Love everyone here. Professional, funny, caring"

-J. Pryor


"The staff here is very professional and caring for their patients and very good at what they do."

- R. De Castro


"Treat me very kindly and friendly, and give me assurance whenever I'm in doubt. Love you ALL!" 

- G. Del Rosario


"All doing great!"

-A. Craig


"Friendly staff, would recommend your office to friends."



"Thank you!"



"I like how everyone is friendly and makes you feel welcomed."

-Dashay S.


"The staff is patient and friendly."

-Lanny L.


"Great job!"

-Merly A.


"Everything is perfect.  We are very happy with the service here."

-Siobhan C.


"Your office is doing a great job. I am pleased with her treatment."

-Megan Z.


"Always great service and people"

-Bill R.


"Aww...Your team is great"

-Deanna A.



-Ricky S.


"Happy Customer"

-Linda L.


"Staff is friendly and very welcoming." 

-Jose A.


"Everyone very polite!!

-Jesus V.


"Very Pleased"

-Veronica B.


"Great job."



"Have great confidence in Dr. Sexton. Staff is very friendly. Overall a great experience!"

-Garrick B.


"Awesome office and employees! Thanks for taking care of my 3 kids!

-Amy P.


"We love everything about this office and staff! You all have been the best, we have been through multiple sets of ortho treatment and being very happy. Only thing we would have liked was lower lingual arch wires when treatment complete."

-Coleen R.


"He loves the treatment"

-Maria C.


"Great! All positive Keep up the great work Many thanks for the wonderful care"

-Laurie M.


"Gr Great"

-WIlliam H.


"Best experience Staff are awesome"

-Jeff M.


"Everyone is very professional, polite and awesome :) Wonderful Service"

-Bernice M.


"Great Service"

-Michelle W.


"Thank you!"

-Georgene D.


"Keep up the great work!"

-Lauren Q.


"Very competent, professional & friendly staff."

-Gail E.


"I appreciate how well Sydney is treated here. Thank you!"

-Cynthia W.


"Very pleased with this office-very helpful, appointments.  Fast, we hardly ever have to wait. Also appreciate the balanced approach to ortho."

-Molly M.


"Thank you for the coffee.  Nice addition to your excellent service.  Nice atmosphere too :)"

-Esther A.


“All of the staff are extremely professional and provide stellar exemplary service.”

- Audrey P.

“LOVE everything!!”

- Kris W.

“Excellent service.”

- Thomas C.

“The staff is wonderful and very professional.”

- Vanessa J.

“We are very happy here.”

- S. Cushing

“Great, friendly staff!”

- Olga M.

“Thank you!"

- Georgene D.

“I love this office. They always are able to work with me and my schedule.”

- Kimmy M.

“We really enjoy the ladies and the doctor.”

- Mendes Family

“Staff always greets with a smile and makes me feel like in family.”

- F. Cardenas

"Great office with friendly staff."

- Devin F.

"Awesome doctor and always prompt."

- Jeff P.

"Dr. Ung is great!"

- Jennifer C.

"The staff is friendly and helpful with any questions and concerns. I would recommend this office to anyone."

- Vesna P.

"Great reminders. Emails are so helpful along with the phone calls."

- Bakowsky

"I think this office works and runs around parents that are busy like me and I love it. I would and have recommended this office to others."

- Kimmy M.

"Staff is always friendly and explains everything so you always know what’s going on. You always feel like they have your best in mind. Wouldn’t want to go any where else!"

- Yuncon T.

"Dr. Ung is the BEST! I have friends who have worn braces twice as long than I did and they still have crowded teeth/stacked. Dr. Ung made sure my once bucked teeth are now beautiful. Thanks, I owe her my smile!"

- Jade S.

"Absolutely love them all! Always have and will continue to do so."

- Damaris B.

"They did a great job and explained their actions clearly. I understood and knew what was happening."

- Tyler Q.

"I love you guys!"

- Mariana M.

"I really do like coming here and I hope that other people will come here also."

- D’Anna J.

"Very nice and always smiling."

- Julianna C.

"Very Good Orthodontist."

- Idella W.

"We have had nothing but great experiences here. My oldest child’s teeth are beautiful and I have no doubt that my youngest son’s teeth will be the same."

- Michelle D.

"I love coming here! Fun and quick!"

- Juanita M.

"It’s a nice friendly place to be at."

- Andrew C.

"The best orthodontist in the world with the greatest staff!!"

- Anonymous

"Excellent!! Love the staff!!"

- Kris W.

"Love the staff; it's always a pleasure coming in. They are all so helpful."

- Amy C.

"My daugther’s progress has gone well, even better than anticipated according to what we have been told and what was planned for. The entire staff has been extremely helpful with answering questions about care and finance questions."

- Kayli S.

"This is a very friendly place for dental care."

- Sam

"Excellent! Courteous and friendly staff; everyone is very professional and very accommodating with appointments."

- Rachelle R.

"Great job. Thanks!"

- Courtney B.

"Great experience. Office staff is friendly and professional. Love the attention from Dr. Ung on each visit. We felt very well taken care of."

- Shea L.

"Everyone is friendly!"

- Esther A.

"Tony loves Dr. Ung."

- Tony D.

"We are very happy and pleased with Dr. Ung and her staff."

- Lena M.

"Excellent work! Very appreciative of the services."

- Dominic D.

"Always a pleasure coming in."

- Jeff M.

"Very good doctor."

- Gabriel S.

"Thank you for all you do for me to make my teeth straight and pretty."

- Nia W.

"Todo esta muy bien todas son muy professionales y amables."

- Veronica M.

"Team is very friendly and professional. I continue to refer this office to all I meet. Thanks for the great job you all do!"

- Rolanda R.

"We drive from Fremont to come to Dr. Ung. We like everyone in the office. Thanks."

- Gloria O.

"Great experience and results! Thanks so much!"

- Annette S.

"Always the best crew."

- Rehana M.

"I've been going here for years and everything has been a great experience."

- Brittany R.

"Very satisfied with the results!"

- Rochelle S.

"I love my braces and the staff who works on them. They make me very comfortable."

- D'Janai L.

"This place is great for kids or teens!"

- Anonymous

"Very great staff and helps me understand very clearly."

- Olivia G.

"They are very careful with you."

- Chris M.

"I was just sitting here reflecting on how pleasant it is to come to this office compared to almost every other medical setting I have to go to.  Everyone is always friendly, personable, and my kids actually enjoy coming here!"                - Katie W. -- 05/23/2017 

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